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3 Signs it’s Time to Call an Overhead Garage Door Repair in San Antonio

Living in San Antonio, it can be frustrating having to mess with and attempt to fix a faulty garage door. Not to mention how much of a safety risk you take on when attempting to fix a garage door on your own. While being able to maintain and service your garage door in your own home is a plausible task, there are some cases where a professional should be contacted. Check out these top three repair situations when a professional overhead garage door repair company is needed:

1. Broken Torsion Spring: If you were recently in your garage and heard a large popping sound, it was likely from one of the springs on the garage door breaking or falling off. These springs are essential to opening the garage, as they support the weight when lifting the door. Attempting to open your door when these are broken can cause great damage to the garage. While it might seem like you can fix it on your own- a torsion spring can be very dangerous to work with, so it is suggested that you call a repair technician to reinstall a new one for you.

2. Broken Cables and Tension Springs: Like the torsion springs, the popping sound could signal that one of the tensions springs or cables in your garage broke. These features control how fast the garage door comes down. If they are broken, there is a huge safety risk for anything that is underneath the door- as there is nothing preventing the door from crashing down. If you suspect that these controls are broken, or see that they are, call an overhead door repair company immediately. Due to the safety risk a DIY fix should never be attempted and should be performed by a professional.

3. Broken Garage Door Opener: The garage door opener is the second most important part of a garage, after the door itself. The automatic and electronic openers that are installed in most homes have a built-in safety reversal feature. If for any reason the safety reversal feature is malfunctioning or not working, a repair is needed. A garage door that has this unique feature disabled will be a hazard to anything inside of the garage.

It’s important to remember that there are some small fixes that you can do on your own to maintain a working garage, like cleaning the tracks and realigning the sensors. If for some reason your garage door does not start working after these maintenance tips are performed, it is time to involve a professional. Contact R&L if you are looking for Overhead Garage Door Repair in San Antonio. We have a special 20-point checklist to make sure your garage door is in pristine working order. We also offer 24hr emergency assistance should you ever need a repair.

April 4, 2018

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