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Category: Garage Door Maintenance

3 Signs it’s Time to Call an Overhead Garage Door Repair in San Antonio

Living in San Antonio, it can be frustrating having to mess with and attempt to fix a faulty garage door. Not to mention how much of a safety risk you take on when attempting to fix a garage door on

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Why You Should Hire a Professional for Garage Door Spring Replacement

Replacing your garage door spring can be a complicated, risky and time-consuming activity. Not only could you make a mistake that could possibly cause you to need a completely new garage door, but the procedure itself is has a many

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Best Garage Door Off Track Repair in San Antonio

There are many reasons that a garage door can come off its track, whether it’s from an obstruction, a spring breaking, or because the door by hand was operated by hand. No matter what the reason is, when the door

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Things to Check Before Calling a Garage Door Repairman

There isn’t anything quite as frustrating as trying to deal with a garage door that isn’t working properly. However, before reaching for the phone to call for garage door repair in San Antonio, there are a few things homeowners can

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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Business and homeowners have many concerns in common, including certain maintenance tasks. Some jobs are more obvious than others. For instance, a deteriorating exterior is hard to ignore. Other tasks are easier to overlook, such as maintaining garage doors. Both

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