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Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Business and homeowners have many concerns in common, including certain maintenance tasks. Some jobs are more obvious than others. For instance, a deteriorating exterior is hard to ignore. Other tasks are easier to overlook, such as maintaining garage doors. Both groups need to focus on keeping their garage door mechanisms in excellent shape. Preventative maintenance tasks and professional upkeep are necessary to keep both residential and commercial garage doors working in a safe and effective manner.

Basic Tasks

A number of basic maintenance tasks should be completed on a regular basis to keep garage doors in top shape. The average garage door will be raised and lowered approximately 1,000 times each year, with commercial doors often being used more than that number. That extreme use makes proper maintenance a necessity to protect productivity and worker safety.


Property owners can prevent serious garage door problems simply by oiling or greasing their door mechanisms. If the chain and opener are not oiled regularly, the door will run “roughly,” causing it to be quite loud, which disrupts quiet neighborhoods and also annoys a business’s clientele. Poor lubrication will also lead to rust and deterioration, which can ultimately cause the door to fail.

Hardware Inspection

The hardware on a garage door opener needs to be inspected at least once annually, more if the door is subject to constant use. Do-it-yourselfers should only undertake this task if they understand the basics of the mechanism. Often, roller brackets and nuts will loosen over time and need to be tightened to ensure proper operation and safety. For large, commercial doors, owners should call the professionals to identify and repair any problems.


Garage door tracks can become encrusted with dry grease and dirt. A simple cleaning can improve garage door operation and help prevent rust and corrosion. The tracks and rollers should be maintained by using an all-purpose cleaner and then dried.

Professional Jobs

While professionals can better address many garage door issues, some repairs require expert attention. In some cases, a do-it-yourself effort can backfire, compromising safety and costing more money.

Torsion Springs

Replacing a broken torsion spring is probably the most dangerous garage door repair. Some DIYers will tackle this job to save several hundred dollars, but they risk serious injury. This task should be left to the experts.

Garage doors often rely on one or two torsion springs. If they break, the door becomes incredibly difficult to open. The tight tension on the spring helps to wind and unwind the cables that operate the door. Installing a new spring requires winding it tightly. If the winding bar slips, the spring can abruptly release its tension and cause the installer to go flying or to be struck by flying parts. The risk of injury is high for those who are not specifically trained in this task. Property owners should hire experts to remove and install torsion springs.

Correct Parts

A professional garage door repair person will use the proper parts for a repair. Choosing inferior parts may save a property owner money in the short term but cost more money down the road. Using the wrong parts can also cause additional mechanical problems, meaning the owner may end up with multiple garage door issues. Hiring a professional often saves the owner a significant amount of money.

Falling Doors

A falling garage door may seem like the stuff of cartoons, but the danger is real when amateurs attempt serious garage door repair. If the door restraints are not properly disconnected, the door can easily fall. Even small garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds, so if they fall, they can cause great harm to anything under them or near them. Of course, any vehicles in the garage can be damaged, but, more importantly, people and pets can be injured.

Garage Door Controls

The actual garage door remote opener may have problems and only open the garage door part of the time. The owner can replace that unit, but if the wall switch malfunctions, that repair can be complicated. For DIYers with experience, finding the problem and correcting it may be possible. For many garage door openers, that task is a repair too far. For those experiencing remote opening and closing issues, calling the professionals means a quick and painless fix. Having the garage door closed when it should is not just a matter of convenience: it is a security issue. An open door invites intruders into a home.

Commercial and private garage doors require regular maintenance. Unfortunately, many property owners neglect these items as long as they continue working reasonably well. A sudden breakdown can cost a business owner hours in lost productivity. Those in a private residence will experience inconvenience but also a loss of home security.

At a minimum, garage doors should be inspected at least once a year. They need to be cleaned, the apparatus tightened and any weaknesses repaired. While some of the most basic tasks can be done by amateurs, many garage door repairs should only be undertaken by professionals. Investing in expert service keeps workers and property safe and productive. To learn more about repairing garage doors, visit our website today.

January 17, 2018

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