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4 Most Common Issues in Garage Door Openers

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Garage Door Openers

Garages are an important feature in every home – whether they are used to house your favorite Mustang, Chevy truck, or even your college kid’s belongings when they return home for the summer. When that garage door suddenly breaks or starts running into some issues it can be entirely frustrating to deal with! There are some easy repairs and troubleshooting that can be done the next time you run into issues with your garage door opener and need a repair.
1. The Door Reverses: If your garage door reverses when you try to close it, check the safety sensors. When there is something blocking the sensors, it can cause the door to reverse without being prompted to do so. This can also occur if the sensors are not properly aligned. Check to make sure they line up, and that there is nothing blocking the door.

2. The Door Won’t Close: When the door is having trouble closing or does not close all the way – it is likely the close-limit switch. This switch tells that door how far it must go until it reaches the ground. When the limit isn’t properly set the door will not close all the way. This can easily be done by adjusting the screw on the opener and guiding the door to the floor, if you don’t feel comfortable, find your local garage door repair shop.

3.Making Noise: A noisy garage door can be caused by a loose screw or hardware in the mechanism. This piece of the machine can cause extra vibrations and noise when the garage door is being operated. Check the opener and see if there is a loose piece, if there is, try tightening it back to its original place. If you see that a part of the mechanism is broken, identify what it is. If it’s a cable or a spring – it’s best to call a repair man.

4.The Door Won’t Open: If your garage door isn’t opening first double check to make sure it isn’t locked. Afterwards, if it still doesn’t work, check to see if the motor is unplugged. If after both have been checked, try testing the emergency cord to see if the door will move. If it does not move smoothly there is likely an issue with the opener itself and it will need to be replaced.

If you are having issues with your garage door opener after you have attempted these quick fixes or if you suspect that there is something else wrong with your door, call a repair technician. R&L Overhead Door has specialized in commercial and residential garage door installations and repairs. We have a team that is available 24hrs a day to help you out with any emergency garage door opener repairs in the San Antonio area.


April 4, 2018

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